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The role of water supply systems for cement mixers

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-04-28

The main function of the water supply system of the cement mixer is to use the mixing tank for cleaning the mixer. When there is a demand, it may be used to agitate with the cement in the transportation. In addition, the water supply system of the cement mixer can provide a good cooling use for the hydraulic system of the vehicle, and if it is necessary to use the feed water, it is necessary to supply the stirring water. So it should be appropriate to increase the capacity of the cement tank tank.

Cement mixer water supply system is two ways, the first is the pressure water tank water supply system, the second is the centrifugal pump water supply system. Because the pressure water tank water supply system is no longer need to centrifugal pump design link, so that is able to reduce some of the parts easily damaged, but also to simplify the structure, then the cement mixer is the most used pressure water tank system The

The pressure sprinkler system of the cement mixer is compressed air used in the cylinder in the brake system of the car. After passing through the sequence valve and the inflatable valve, the water is introduced into the pressurized water tank. After passing through the tank Under the action of compressed air, after passing the meter and the water spray valve to the water into the mixing tank of the cement mixer. The valve will be closed off, and then the inflatable valve to open, cement tank tank water will pass through the flush pipe and flush valve in the spray, and then be able to complete the operation.

In order to be able to prevent the cement mixer due to pressure water spray caused by the cement mixer gas pressure system pressure is too low, and directly affect the brake performance of the mixer. So there will be set in the pressure in the water system has a sequential valve, in the cement mixer gas tank in the air pressure is less than 0.6 MPa, then the sequence valve will automatically shut down, wait until When the air compressor in the cement mixer reaches the relatively stable air pressure in the tank, the sequence valve will automatically open again and inflate the sub tank, and the sprinkler system will start again.