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The reversing skills of HOWO dump truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-15

Reversing driving can be divided into straight and turning reversing, due to line of sight restrictions, HOWO dump truck can not see the road behind the car, coupled with the presence of a lot of blind radar, can not blindly trust, so in order to safely reverse, You must master some of the correct ways.

First of all, before the reversing of the HOWO dump truck, with or without the installation of reversing radar, it is best to get off to see the car rear and left and right side, with particular attention to some large stones, pipes, hydrants and pipes such as obstacles, Pay attention to the car after there is no ditch or what the river, these are more dangerous; secondly, in the direction of reversing, the head to keep around before and after the rotation, back and forth to observe more. Many riders in the reversing only look back, the front does not pay attention to the actual reversing, in front of the situation around the rub and not; reversing should not be fierce throttle, slow reverse is a prerequisite for security. In addition, if there are people with the words, find someone in the car after the command is the most reliable.

Reversing the daily driving process is ultimately a link, but because you can not see the situation after the HOWO dump truck, reversing has been troubled car owners friends,
especially novice and female riders a problem. In order to compensate for the lack of vision of the car rearview mirror, to solve the reversal of the formation of some "psychological barriers", An a reversing radar has become a lot of riders choice.

As we all know, reversing radar is to avoid rear obstacles, to avoid the collision of warning equipment, for many riders, the reversing radar can really play a certain role in the auxiliary reversing. But in some low-end sedans installed, especially some dealers as a gift presented reversing radar, often in the detection range there is a certain blind spot. Due to the relationship between the radar probe installation position, when the rear of the vehicle obstruction is too low, too high or angle beyond the probe detection range, the reversing radar will be invalid. Like some sidewalk steps, large stones and other low obstacles, or some high box trucks and other high obstacles will exceed the detection range of reversing radar. And for some of the smaller obstacles, reversing radar is also powerless. So we have to understand the fact that reversing radar is not entirely reliable.