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The relationships between the mixing blades and slow concrete discharge, concrete segregation and ot

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-12

Small concrete mixer truck is mainly made of the mixing tube and its auxiliary supporting components. Mixing tube is a concrete container, it is made of high quality wear-resistant steel plate, in order to be able to automatically install, unloading concrete, the inner wall of a special shape of the welding spiral blade. The concrete moves in the direction of the spiral of the blade as it rotates, mixing and stirring during constant lifting and turning. In the process of feeding and transportation, the mixing tube is rotating, the concrete along the blade inward movement, the material, the mixing tube reversal, the concrete out along the leaves outward. The rotation of the mixer drum is ensured by a hydraulic drive.

Concrete mixer truck with 3 to 6 cubic meters loading capacity is generally used by the car engine driven by the power output shaft hydraulic pump, and then driven by high-pressure hydraulic motor driven mixing tube, loading capacity of 9 to 12 cubic meters by the vehicle-assisted diesel engine driven The hydraulic pump drives the hydraulic motor. The blade is the main part of the mixing device, damage or serious wear and tear can lead to uneven mixing of concrete. In addition, the angle of the blade if the design is unreasonable, but also to the emergence of concrete segregation, concrete mixer truck out of the material slow and other reasons.