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The reason and explanation of large size fuel tank truck oil suction blocked

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-21

We often see a variety of fuel tank trucks transporting dangerous goods zips, large size fuel tank truck operation is not flexible, after a long journey after the oil is sucked out of the tank body to the role of transportation and storage of oil. But many large tankers in use for some time there will be a small amount or sucking oil smoke is not to question, what causes it? A look.

Many large size fuel tank trucks have been used for some time there will be a small amount or can't suck oil, what is the reason? Heavy duty fuel tank truck.
1, using the siphon principle of suction pump is the main force, but the job is inseparable from the pump priming oil, cited the case if an oil shortage is difficult to achieve
oil-absorbing operations, so check the oil pump within the Cited adequacy or no Add cited oil suction caused no oil. Cited pump oil content is generally about 10L.
2, if the growth rate inside the lubricating oil tanker impurity content is too high can lead to abnormal growth thereby affecting the suction tank job, then the need for timely replacement of the high quality lubricants can easily solve the problem. In addition, it may be a part of the growth chamber there is a problem affecting the overall situation, then you need to find the problematic parts can be repaired or replaced.
3, if the vacuum suction table can also cause problems hindered job. According to the value of the vacuum table can roughly determine where the problem is. Vacuum table shows the high value of the vacuum suction pipe may be blocked or a foreign body leads to poor oil absorption; if its value is too low it may be working Cohesion loose or broken
parts, it may be the pump impeller clearance increases caused after the timely replacement of parts require specific maintenance can solve this problem.
Through the above description, I believe we have a wide range of understanding of the large size fuel tank truck suction Suspended. Many novice drivers not to drive tanker problems in the process, but encountered a variety of problems on the oil suction feel very troubled, and experienced drivers can easily solve these problems, according to various data of the vehicle. With the accumulation time, the novice will become a veteran, a lot of trouble will be solved, novice drivers often have to learn a variety of common sense and knowledge, so that it can grow fast, easy to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations.