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The proper use of fire pumps

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-15

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Fire truck pump is silent unsung heroes in fire fighting combat, because it directly affects work performance and water cannons to gun pressure and range, if below the fire is not only the efficiency will be greatly reduced, possibly human life property will be affected. So good use and maintenance of the fire pump is also necessary. 

Generally used in fire pump is such that (as shown), the difference between the pump and the sprinkler on his large, because the required power and pressure are different, so it is relatively complicated, but the effect is very obvious, in maintenance when also need attention.
Fire truck is ready when the time will not fight the battle ready, so are often full of water inside the tank, it will also be filled with water in the pump, in order to prevent or put a clean water pump will rust when either will top up the water .
Some of the fire because the gun is connected fire hose from the pump directly engage in combat, so you can see on the pump for at least one interface, foam or water pressure output directly from pump stronger. When not in use will keep it clean and good sealing to prevent clogging once the use or disclosure reduces the efficiency of the fire.
There may be a plurality of operation control valves, when not in use should tighten the pump to prevent water leakage rust, some valves when not in use but not tightened, work or other valves, water from leaking, First, reduce the pressure, the second is likely to cause damage to the pump.
In addition, some fire blisters dual-use, can be seen from the pump body specialized water and soak for two systems in operation must be careful not to control error, in case into the wrong line. Such as when extinguishing an oil fire, you can not use water not only its effect, may make the fire more inflated, it is very dangerous.
When fire engines put out the fire, as long as careful operation, when not carefully check and maintenance, it can greatly improve efficiency, but also to extend the use of service time, why not do it.