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The prevention measures of dump truck spill

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-21

1、attaches great importance to the liner role. Dump truck static site (such as the gasket between the joint end faces, each end cover, a shell body, a gasket, flat enamel plate parts plays a role of leak proof seal. If the material, production and installation of quality does not meet the technical specifications, would not achieve the role of leak proof seal, and even accidents. Such as dump sump or valve cover, the contact area is large and easy to compaction, the resulting oil spill. 
2, dump all kinds of fastening nuts are required to tighten to the specified torque. Pressure is not too loose gasket leak tight; tight around the metal bumps and lead screw or threaded screw slide caused oil spills. Also oil bottom shell oil plug loose if not tightened or back off, easy to cause the dump truck oil loss, then the occurrence of burning tile axle "engine damage.
3, replace the oil seal in time. Dump truck a lot of moving parts (such as oil seal, O-rings) will be due to improper installation, shaft and seal cutting edges are not concentric, deflection and splashing of oil. Some oil seals used for a long time will be lost because of rubber aging. Found the dump truck leakage should be timely update.
4, avoid one-way valve, vent valve block. Thereby, the temperature in the box shell is increased, the oil and gas is filled with the whole space, the discharge is not to go out, so that the pressure in the box shell is increased and the oil consumption is increased and the replacement period is shortened. Since the jam truck engine ventilation system, increased resistance to movement of the piston, increase fuel consumption. Because of the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the box, the seal is often caused by weak leakage. So it is necessary to carry out regular inspections of dump truck, dredging and cleaning. 
Dump truck manufacturer
5, properly solve the various types of pipe joint sealing. The coupling nut is often disassembled and assembled, which is easy to be broken and loose, which can cause the oil leakage. Replacing the union nut, sealed with grinding method to solve the cone, the tipper nut pressure and solve the seal.
6, avoid the dump truck hub oil. Truck wheel hub bearing and grease cavity too much, or the oil seal assembly wrong, poor quality and aging failure; wheel dump truck brake frequently caused by high temperature; axle nut loose, will lead to splashing of oil hub. Therefore, we need to use the "cavity lubrication (that is, the right amount of lubrication)", clear vent.