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The precautions during the driving of suction sewage truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-01

Correct suction sewage truck driving way not only can prolong the life of the vehicle, improving economic efficiency, while the impact on safe driving is also great. Please note that when the engine is cold, you should avoid starting driving. After in cold start, the engine speed slowly increased to the extent permitted, so that the oil pressure, engine combustion tends to stability with the heating of engine. Until engine running exhaust color turning to light blue, vehicle can start. Do not increase te rotational speed of engine too fast when coolant temperature is too low.

The rapidly increasing suction truck engine speed could cause engine damaged. If the outside temperature is below zero, before working at full capacity, make the engine run for 5 minutes driving distance did not reach a total of five thousand kilometers before the engine speed is not more than two thousand five hundred one hundred speed. Must avoid sudden braking and throttle start stop, start at full throttle can cause damage to the clutch or uneven tire wear, brake suddenly accelerated tire wear and brake lining. Absolutely not allowed to run overloaded vehicles, overloading can shorten the life of the vehicle.

Confirm barometer pointer reaches the green zone and buzzer alarm stops colleagues before they can exercise, is strictly prohibited under less pressure to force the exercise of the case, to stop the vehicle smoothly things, the following steps should be 25-35 meters before the scheduled parking place, the brake pedal down one half or one third of the scheduled parking place 5-6 meters when the pedal was beginning to relax before going to the parking place, gently depress the brake pedal, the vehicle to a complete stop, if the has been stepping on the brake pedal and hold, then suction sewage truck will impact within a short distance to a stop,causing the risk of accidents.