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The new 10 cubic compression garbage truck configuration cost-effective

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-11-28

The new compression garbage truck is characterized by simple and efficient garbage collection, with manual repeated compression and peristaltic compression, high compression ratio, load capacity, power, environmental protection, vehicle utilization.
(1) strong compression: the car with shovel back pressure, two-way compression.
(2) scientific design: the use of computer three-dimensional simulation software design, scientific analysis and calculation of the force of garbage movement, designed a good
stiffness, high strength, excellent force angle shovel and scraper structure. Box and chassis reasonable installation, easy loading and unloading.
(3) precision cutting: the use of plasma cutting machine CNC cutting, to ensure the accuracy of product size. Tank welding all the use of CO2 gas protection automatic welding, welding quality and reliable, to ensure the strength of the envelope welding and aesthetics, the weld will not be off-welding.
(4) Lightweight: The main components of trash, shovel, filling by Q345A made of high-strength manganese steel, solid structure, light weight, strength.
(5) environmental protection: for the Chinese garbage generated after a large number of compressed water, designed a highly sealed envelope and the back door, while the design of large-capacity closed sewage tank, sewage tank installed on both sides of the stainless steel ball valve for wastewater discharge, To avoid the leakage caused by sewage to secondary pollution.
(6) Reliability: The box body adopts the high-quality GB steel plate and high-strength alloy steel plate produced by Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., adopts Yangzhou Zhongmei (or
import Italy) multi-way valve, high-pressure hose (Guangzhou Tianhe) (Xiamen Yinhua Cylinder), to ensure that the vehicle service life and reliability of the valve.
(7) Convenient operation control: The operation control box is installed in the cab and the rear of the vehicle respectively. The operation control box in the cab can control the pushing discharge and select the operation mode. The rear operation control box controls the pressure filling mechanism and Barrel body operation, the use of operation is very convenient; especially in the landfill, operating personnel do not have to get off to complete the discharge operations.
(8) advanced electronic control system and security: the use of imported PLC(programmable logic controller) integrated control, the control circuit generated in the PLC, and the use of logic circuits to ensure that the operation of the order in accordance with the order, the only external line connection, The emergency brake button is provided so that the garbage filling device can be stopped in any state or at any position, and in the hydraulic pressure of the lifting up device, there is provided an emergency stop button Safety circuit, to prevent tubing burst, filling a sudden fall caused by a vicious incident to protect workers, equipment safety.
(9) high operating efficiency: loading cycle time is less than 30 seconds, a discharge operation time is less than 45 seconds, filling capacity of a large bucket.
(10) Economy: Engine power output control Throttle control through the electrical system to achieve automatic control to ensure that the compression garbage truck in its various operating conditions, the engine can automatically select the acceleration and idling state, to avoid the power loss and system heat, fuel consumption Lower, good economy.
(11) paint finish is high, strong adhesion. The car body and metal accessories were shot peening, spraying polymer primer and quality finish, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, uniform film, bright color lasting, able to withstand moisture, dust, salt spray And other adverse environment.
(12) cost-effective: Our compression garbage truck products can reach the leading domestic level of similar products, compared with the first-line brand prices have a higher
discount rate.