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The method of extending the lifespan of the dump truck is to maintain it on time

  • Author:Chang jie
  • Release on :2016-10-28

1. According to the maintenance manual maintenance and updating of dump truck

Every truck, the driver will have to buy a maintenance manual, the manual will remind the owner of how long the maintenance of a dump truck, how long for some accessories, how
long the vehicle to a comprehensive inspection, if the owner Strictly in accordance with the requirements to do so, the life of your dump truck will be greatly increased.

2. Important bolts are checked every six months

In the maintenance of dump truck in the process, need to pay attention to all aspects of the details. Fan Liangyin introduction, ordinary dump truck is 3 months or 5000 km
maintenance time. But many drivers take into account the actual cost, there is no regular maintenance. In this case, the driver needs to pay attention to the maintenance cycle
of the parts. For some drum brakes, shoe clearance and wheel brake wear, wear marks should be replaced if the brake shoes, as well as the chassis of important bolts fixed, even
if the distance from the truck does not reach the maintenance mileage, but more than Six months of maintenance cycle, should also go check.

3. Tires for dump trucks shall be inspected once a month

Only timely maintenance of dump truck, in order to reduce wear and tear, to avoid failure to ensure performance. Dump truck light bulbs and reverse mirrors and other vehicle
exterior, the driver in the start before the dump truck to observe what you can. If the car tire wear marks, you need to carefully check the driver and check the tires have not
drum tires, aging cracks and so on. Tire checks are usually conducted once a month to check, if the vehicle in motion, feeling the impact of foreign matter and tires, you need
to immediately check. Check the tires, we must take into account the car chassis to check whether the oil spill, but also after the displacement of the vehicle to see if there
are signs of leakage on the ground floor, and if so, you need a comprehensive testing and maintenance.

Summary: To extend the life of dump truck depends on the usual, as long as you drive a good grasp of a degree, regular maintenance, not often in the complex road driving, there
are special reminders, do not idle vehicles for a long time, because long-term idle dump truck parts Aging will be faster, especially the battery is easy to go wrong, but also
likely to cause oil oxidation, rubber dump truck aging.