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The maintenance tips for school bus fuel system

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-13
Firstly, school bus fuel itself contains gum, dirt, dust, moisture, etc., accumulated in the tank, tubing, etc. into the formation of sludge and other deposits; Secondly, because the school bus in gasoline and other volatile components of the olefin polymerization and oxidation at high temperatures and reflect the formation of gum and resin-like dope. The dope stays in these fuel injectors, intake valves and other parts of the combustion of sediment becoming hard coke while burning. In addition, in traffic congestion, school buses are often in low speed and idling, which will increase the carbon and sediment formation and intensified. 

The harms of not cleaning fuel system
First, the carbon deposits clog the nozzle and needle valve hole, affecting the performance of the injection system precision components, resulting in poor fuel injection, atomization bad, dynamic performance degradation. Secondly, coke and sediment will cause the intake valve closed lax, tempering cylinder pressure dropping and even causing the engine idle speed instability, increased fuel consumption and emissions associated with deterioration. In the top of the piston and cylinder head and other parts of coke, easy to make local overheating of the combustion chamber, causing gasoline preheat school bus engine knock and other failures. These failures will shorten engine life.

The maintenance methods of fuel system
(1) Periodically add high quality fuel system detergent (use once for every 20,000 km). It can effectively clear the nurse school bus with the process chamber, intake and exhaust valves, fuel injectors and fuel lines gum, carbon deposits and sediments, keeping all parts of the school bus fuel system cleaning. It can also break down the fuel moisture, improve grade fuel, reduce emissions of harmful substances. In particular, after the addition of low-grade fuel should be used at any time.
(2) Regularly use high-quality injector system detergent and specialized equipments clean nozzle (use once for every 20,000 km). To clear the nozzle of coke, eliminate engine jitter, delay, atomization is not good, bad acceleration and other issues. Make more accurate than the oil and gas mixture. Restore power, save fuel and reduce exhaust emissions, fuel injectors, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters without harm.
(3) Regularly use high-quality throttle or throttle intake system cleaning agent system (use once for every 20,000 km). You can use specific cleaning equipment, to remove the school bus engine throttle and the intake manifold in the gum and sediment, clear the intake valve, three-way catalytic converter and the combustion chamber deposits. Normal compression ratio, clear idle instability, knock, misfire, such as failure to make more accurate fuel mixture ratio, save fuel and reduce emissions, eliminate engine weakness, poor acceleration, improve school bus components and dynamic driving performance fuel system protection to prevent rust and corrosion.