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The maintenance knowledge for bulk cement truck in winter

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-06

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In winter,the outdoor temperature is very low.Bulk cement truck,expected to normally operate,must be prepared with sufficient antifreeze.Otherwise,the tank would be frozen and can not operate normally,which would cause the bulk cement truck a failure.The amount of antifreeze has to be between MAX and MIX job.If not enough,replenish in time.Antifreeze should be replaced every two years.But the mixed antifreeze must be replaced once a year. While using,pay attention to different types of products and different brands.Do not mix.

Change windshield washer fluid in advance.Although the usage amount of windshield washer fluid will significantly reduce,but it can not be ignored. In winter,when windshield washer fluid is used to wash the front windshield glass,be sure to use good quality windshield washer fluid.Some drivers use pure water to replace in other large usage amount seasons.But in winter,those substitutes are often frozen,for which they are not available in winter.Under zero degree centigrade in the winter, it should be replaced by the winter glass cleaning solution or by adding an appropriate proportion of alcohol which can achieve the purposes of lowering the freezing point and preventing from being frozen. Otherwise it will damage the wiper blade, but also affect the driver's sight.Check whether the engine oil of bulk cement truck is enough and replace high scale gasoline.

In winter,engine oil plays a big role in the normal operation of bulk cement truck.Before winter arrives,make sure to check whether the dipstick is within the normal range and decide if your bulk cement truck should change engine oil.You can replace engine oil according to the number of kilometers on the maintenance manual.In winter,bulk cement truck has high requirements to lubrication.If it is the summer oil,which must be replaced. For those that have been used for a longer time,black collor oil and poor adhesion oil should be replaced to ensure the engine of bulk cement truck to start smoothly.

For fuel, the experts recommend driver to replace high scale gasoline in winter.If you usually use ordinary gasoline, the gasoline may change to a higher number.Because the car temperature is low in winter and the ignition point of high scale gasoline is higher.Sparking is a little stronger.Snow need to be cautious and do "cosmetic" before winter.

If there is a heavy snow and bulk cement truck is covered by thick snow,you should be careful not to use sharp object to scratch the glass when you clean the snow on the front windshield.Especially the windshield wiper,never use it before unfreezing in case of demage the windshield wiper.Before winter comes,you'd better to do a "cosmetic" for whole buld cement truck.Because the winter cold,the frequency of brushing and cleaning bulk cement truck will reduce,the early winter waxing is a good way to maintain the paint.Also waxed body is difficult to get wet and it is also difficult to appear freezing phenomenon in winter.Slowly hot car.

Driving in winter,it is not necessare to hot cars in situ,but let bulk cement truck move slowly without stepping accelerator.Because the viscosity of engine oil increases, which causes the circulation to become slowly.Hotting car could help engine oil and antifreeze of bulk cement truck to operate well and reduce wear and tear on bulk cement truck.