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The main reasons of the oil leakage for fuel tank truck

  • Author:fuel tank truck manufacturer
  • Release on :2016-04-25
Once the oil leakage happens on the fuel tank truck, the technical function of the truck will be affected.   The less lubricant oil can not make sure the parts work well, for long time the parts will be bad, so that can result the hidden accident.
Hereby we-hubei Changjie would like to share the frequently main reasons as follows:
1. Spare parts’ quality, material or craft is not good, the design has problem
2. Improper installation
3. Tight nut not fix well, slide wire break or loose make the work invalid
4.  Sealing part is out of limited, aging and distortion for long time using
5.  Lubrication oil add too much, the level is too high or add the wrong oil type
6.  Spare parts(side cover or thin-wall etc) joint surface distortion and damage to make the lubrication leakage
7. Breather plug or one-way valve blocks
Make sure to check the above mentioned items of your fuel tank truck regularly and fix problems immediately when you check them out. 
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