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The latest national standard school bus safety specific standards

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-19

1. The new national standard school bus should be hatchback structure, at least more than half of the length of the engine should be located before the front windshield before the first point. The floor height of the school bus should not be less than 700mm. No sharp edges, sharp corners, or burrs shall be allowed in the parts of the vehicle which are easily accessible. School bus may not be set outside the roof rack. School bus should be sprayed to meet the standard appearance logo.

2. To reduce the school bus in front and rear collision accident vehicle damage, the new standard with reference to the US school bus standards, requiring school bus plus front and rear bumper, the bumper structure is also in line with the US school bus standards.

3. You must verify the rollover. Taking into account the rural and mountain road conditions are relatively poor, in order to improve school bus safety, the new standard requires the school bus to the left and right tilt maximum roll stability angle should be not less than 32 °. All vehicles are likely to rollover accident occurred in the rollover accident, to ensure that the crew living space is the most basic requirements, so the school bus must be required to verify the rollover test.

4. To protect the passage of rescue workers. When setting standards, take full account of the characteristics of passengers. In emergency situations, children and elementary school children, especially children under 9 years of age, emergency behavior capacity than the average bus passenger poor, must rely on the driver and caregiver of the rescue, so the school bus must achieve the protection of driver safety . In addition, the school bus must also from the structure to ensure the smooth flow of emergency rescue personnel.

5. Can not re-speed. In order to prevent the driver from adjusting the speed of the vehicle, the manufacturer should take measures to prevent the vehicle from passing through the vehicle without the need to stop the driver's journey. In order to improve driving safety, the new standard stipulates that the speed limit should not exceed 60km / h. The manufacturer's license does not allow for disruptive measures and can not be re-set. "

6. Window fixed lower half. Taking into account the school bus in the daily operation of the security, the new standard provides that the fixed form of the school bus window should be fixed for the lower half, but also for the whole closed windows to prevent students to head out of the window.

The new school bus standards provide for the type, location, minimum quantity and minimum size of the emergency exit in order to meet the evacuation of the occupants and the rescue of the vehicle in case of emergency.

The new standard also specifies that, in addition to the requirements in this standard, the school bus should also comply with the applicable provisions of other national and industry mandatory standards and shall be designed and manufactured in accordance with the technical documents and drawings approved by the prescribed procedures.