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The introduction and product description of 30 tons of bulk feed semi trailer tank truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-01

Why do we need to use bulk feed semi trailer tank trucks because one can not meet the needs of large tonnage transport, such as we have 10 tons of two-axle car, 15 tons of three-axle car, 20 tons of 8x4 4 axles bulk feed trucks.

So what are the advantages of bulk feed tank semi-trailer? Remove the front said that the greater transport, the bulk feed tank semi-trailer and the tractor because the front is separate, so the selectivity is more.

Bulk feed tank semi-trailer with outrigger, through the traction pin and tractor connection, the tractor can leave the semi-trailer, when the tractor left the semi-trailer, the semi-trailer support through the legs to the ground. The trailer does not have legs, but it has a small trailer under the trailer, you can swing around, a small trailer and tractors to connect through the tow hook. Now is certainly a wide distribution of semi-trailer, or 95: 5 ratio in the country. I do not know why you mention this problem, are basically semi-trailer in the country, in foreign countries (Thailand and Australia) to have seen, or I have seen a child of the old-fashioned full hanging. This is based on the tractor. On the semi-linked and single hanging on the whole, the semi-hanging better than some of the whole, light can light a lot, and now cars are engaged in lightweight.

Hubei Changjie has developed 30 tons of bulk feed tank semi-trailer products using high-quality high-quality steel, screw, semi-linked to build the domestic first-class bulk feed special vehicle products. We can not only produce large-tonnage feed trucks but also specifically for small and medium-sized demand for agricultural products, you can choose one according to their needs.