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The introduction and notes of concrete mixer truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-24

There are variety of concrete mixer truck transportations and different transportation ways. To high efficiency and fewer transport is preferred when determining the method of transport. Commonly used transport devices with a single wheel barrow, wheel rack cars, dump trucks, cars, belt conveyor, tower cranes, gantry cranes (with bucket) and pumping concrete. Commodity concrete production, pouring station by the stirring to the scene, and are based on a dedicated concrete mixing truck transportation.
Concrete mixer concrete transport mainly in the main, this car is a large industrial vehicles, safe driving need to pay attention to what matters it?

First of all, before you start Note: 1, the inspection body appearance without scratches, check the hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor oil should be seamless undesirable phenomena. 2. Check the power extraction means --PTO, with or without loose screws and bearing oil spills and other phenomena. 3. Check the transmission, the amount of engine oil, power steering fluid, battery electric fluid volume is adequate, in line with the requirements of manufacturers. 4, check the safety devices are effective, with or without aging. 5, check tubing, pipe leaks aging. 6, check whether the standard tire pressure.

Operation should be noted: 1, after the engine is started, the engine idle for 5-10 minutes or more heating. 2, the low-speed rotation of the drum for several minutes, and roller pumps, etc. should be normal. 3, the vehicle is stopped and cleaned, the note drum drive parts and other rotating parts. 4, due to system or nesting material reasons for leaving the cab, the car should be full braking. 5, when the operating lever to be careful care, avoid rough handling. 6, prohibit rapid shift, abrupt onset speed, emergency stop. 7, the concrete feeding, stirring, the material should abide by the rules. 8, before traveling, check the water tank. 9, uphill downhill attention to road conditions.

Attention to the parking should include: 1, after the work is completed, thoroughly clean machine, before cleaning to ensure water tank, turn the water pump under circumstances strictly prohibited. 2, the elimination of concrete out of the drum. 3, according to FIG oiling lubrication of joints and oil. 4. Check the wear roller blades. 5 After cleaning is completed all the water drain clean.

Concrete mixer trucks for the construction of floor area has created a variety of buildings and made a great contribution to promoting the development of concrete transportation. Concrete trucks in the price of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to the load capacity varies. Of course, now there is a special concrete truck leasing companies, car rental, then it is much cheaper, but also very convenient. With technology innovation, structural concrete trucks toward simpler, more compact, lighter direction, to enhance security.