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The important role of suction sewage truck measuring tube

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-02

There is always a 2 meters long transparent glass tube between drivers cab and tank body of every suction sewage truck produced by suction sewage truck company. What is the function of the tube?
This measuring tube is transparent. Although there is no numbers above, its role is significant. The measuring tube is inserted in a socket connected with the tank body. Since
the measuring tube is connected with the tank body, the water in measuring tube reached the location is the location of the water tank body.
Firstly, before the suction sewage truck out from factory, the vehicle testing you need it. General vehicle testing just waters tank attaching to general line, which we can't see the line outside and only watch the the water position in measuring tube to judge the water in the tank.
Secondly, the user to add water for suction sewage tank when the tank is determined by the measuring tube whether water in tank body is filled. So that the staff would obviate
the ladder up the tank to observe water level.
Thirdly, while working, you can go to determine whether the suction sewage truck runs out, you can conclude its work in advance, in addition to water, so that users can save work time according to the amount of water in the tube.