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The garbage truck should pay attention to what after daily work

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-17

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Garbage truck drivers every day after work as well as what needs to be done then? Garbage truck belonging to sanitation vehicles, in addition to the regular maintenance should also do the following day:

First, check the garbage truck engine is functioning properly, listen to police whether the leak place, check and replenish fuel, oil and cooling water; according to the provisions of the lubrication point inspection and processing lubricants (fat); oil filter reverse rotation handle 34 ; touch the brake drum for heating or too hot; the adequacy of the garbage truck tire pressure; the temperature in the following 0 ℃, cooling water without antifreeze should put the net; cold areas, should be placed in garbage trucks unload batteries warm indoors, turn off all switches and pull knob.

China 4*2 garbage truck picture 

Second, check the vehicle and complete with tools and accessories, cleaning the whole car outside, cleaning the cab and the compartment; View master cylinder brake fluid level for compliance; and finally press the button garbage truck door switch, disconnect the ignition key, Close the door. Close the door and then pull back should look to see if it is locked.
Third, garbage truck cleaning trash, cleaning process is best done in a fixed location washing, preferably sewage directly into the sewers, do not cause secondary pollution stranded on the road.