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The driving helpful tips of bulk feed truck for snowy weather

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-03

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Don't fiercely hit the steering wheel, rapidly accelerate and emergency brake while driving the bulk feed truck in snowy weather. Keep the trcuk moving at a low speed. The snowy weather would lead the road to be icy and muddy,which decrease the ability grip of tires. When the bulk feed truck drive on the icy road, the driver should tap the accelerator gently and do not brake rapidly.If rollover occurs when avoiding vehicle or pedestrians,the driver should immediately release the brake. Do not change lanes frequently.While turning, firstly slow down and slowly turn.At the same time,appropriately increase the turning radius of the steering wheel and slowly hit the steering wheel in case of sliding.

Uphill driving on the snowy and icy ramp,keep a long distance away from the car ahead and complete the climbing driving once.If the wheels of the bulk feed truck slipped, sprinkle some materials which can increase the friction of the tires in the front and rear of the wheels.Driving downhill,just reduce the block and travle smoothly.

On the icy roads,drive at a low block and slowly lift the throttle to decelerate by using the engine brake when necessary. Don't fiercely refuel.The ability of grip of the tires is reduced at high speed,which easily cause slip. In that case,the Bulk feed truck drivers must slowly loose the clutch and tap the accelerator lightly.If slipping occurs while moving,immediately loosen the accelerator and adjust the steering wheel lightly to make the bulk feed truck in the right lane.

The suggestion is that install snow chains to increase the capacity of the tire friction or deflate a little bit of gas under normal tire pressure to increase the contact area of the tire,which increase the ability of the grip of the tire.