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The differences between independent and non-independent refrigerators

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-17

Refrigerated truck refrigeration units and independent choice of the difference between non-independent refrigeration unit:
1, starting with the name can be seen, naming independent and non-independent units, refrigerated trucks unit has an independent power source for both units separate itself independent from the power output of diesel engines in terms of units as its power source; rather than stand-alone unit power output is to rely on car chassis engine to drive the
2, power output can be seen from their differences, when the engine is stopped, refrigerated trucks when the non-independent refrigeration units support both lost power, cooling system stops working, or if you frequently open the compartment when the car is turned off goalkeeper to make the refrigerator car air-conditioning cabinets inside result in a huge loss of temperature or in the refrigerator car fails (engine failure) will stop cooling, the quality of the goods inside are not guaranteed.

The advantages and disadvantages of both
Non-independent chiller system is simple and easy to maintain and repair;
Stand-alone refrigeration units because much of the engine is slightly more complicated system maintenance and repair.

How to choose?
From the use of transport is concerned, if it is used as a short distance between the city or county of distribution, it is recommended to use non-independent units (low purchase cost, the city even if it is a failure not worry about no place to repair);
On the other hand is transported over long distances is recommended to use the stand-alone refrigerator, because even during long-distance transport of automobile engine is stopped, the refrigerator can still be normal refrigeration to meet the transport safety items.

Also speaking from the distribution models
Seven meters and seven meters below the refrigerator compartment car is recommended to use non-independent units;
7m above the refrigerator compartment with a stand-alone car better.

From a cost perspective
Refrigerated truck refrigeration units and non-independent stand-alone refrigeration unit price difference of tens of thousands or more, if relatively abundant on the budget, and also within the refrigerated vehicle compartment temperature requirements are relatively low (at least to the desired temperature of minus 10 degrees or less) if the proposed or with stand-alone better.