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The differences between electric and hydraulic bulk feed trucks

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-06

Hydraulic bulk feed trucks, feed tank set up in the truck chassis, special tank facilities by the assembly, conveyor systems (horizontal discharge systems, vertical discharge system and the activities of the discharge system components), the hydraulic system (high-pressure pump via a line three output terminals connected to the valve and dispensing
valve are the corner of the hydraulic motor, and a horizontal lift cylinder discharge, vertical discharge, the discharge of the hydraulic motor activity), electric system, pneumatic storage bodies in series with the other components. At the bottom of the tank with a gate in the gate below the horizontal screw conveyor equipped (commonly known as horizontal stirring cage), is driven by the power take off from the auto gearbox output power, and then drive high pressure pump to drive the hydraulic system, the hydraulic motor via a transmission driven horizontal screw conveyor blade shaft and blade rotation, the activities of the delivery system (commonly known as activity stir cage) to feed output. Flat roof facing a discharge auger activity rotatably and lifting, transportation, spiral lying in the top of the tank top; when unloading the lift, the tube end of the discharge port and storage of livestock and poultry farms feed door contact tank top, aligned to complete discharge.
Electric auger bulk feed truck for different customers the latest development, new products to meet the low-end market, the car unworthy board generator, electric auger to use three-phase 380V mains supply, the wheels can adapt from the small rural country road. The car is very popular customers cost-effective for small road small farms, feed mills. Mechanical screw discharge mode, discharge speed, continuous operation, greatly improving production efficiency. It can be divided into two to four tank compartment while loading different feeds; simple components structure, convenient and flexible operation, easy maintenance.