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The difference between mobile dining cars and shops, What are the characteristics of mobile dining c

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-18

Life in the development of many industries and gourmet snack cart flow of food and beverage cars are inseparable, and sometimes some inconspicuous factors may lead to a big gap, such as the electric car before the car, today we come to understand What is the difference between mobile dining car and shop What are the characteristics of mobile dining car?

One: no need to purchase or lease the firm.
A good lot of the firm, even as long as more than a dozen square, the moon money to tens of thousands! Buyout is astronomical! Even earn more, to the owner, the end of the year can not earn a few money.
We only need a one-time investment, only a few months of money, you can occupy a good lot, do not calculate rent every month, do not have to use affordable kitchen equipment, not to worry about the owner of the decline.
Two: no decoration.
Decoration is a shop face. Firms want to open a good, decoration costs a lot, to clenched pockets, but also to have a style of decoration. But in fact, the decoration, then the pockets can not hold.
Our products cotton except your decoration costs. As an amateur for the food and beverage program research and development of the dining car, relatively high-end atmosphere on the grade, low-key luxury inherent, simple and stylish domestic Fan; In addition, you can also according to their own preferences to stop custom flow, mobile dining car and shop distinction The car is unparalleled in the world.
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Mobile dining car can be said that in recent years the rapid growth of snack products, young people by the hobby. For consumers to provide a variety of snacks: Mala Tang, hot and sour powder, barbecue, milk tea, nutrient porridge, fruit drinks, etc., to provide more choices to different consumers. And the dining car plan humane, simple operation, employing less, produced fast, get people mouth and stomach, the month can recover the cost.
Because the oven for the focus, set furnace, cabinet, box in a car, compact and flexible, easy along the street cloth, the operation more convenient. Do not rent the store, do not decorate, do not pay the rent, do not ask the chef, the cost will be lower, franchisee earn more liking. And the dining car is a real small investment, zero risk, high profits, quick profit, the operation of the situation, for the franchisee thrifty equipment investment, facade leasing, store decoration and so on a small amount can be used for small Investors, veteran investors, laid-off workers and other entrepreneurship.