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The difference between cement mixers and vacuum nylon tire tire

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-21

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A cement mixer and nylon tire bead wire, tire vacuum force compared to the difference between:

Steel tire: the loading capacity of the strongest, most durable, the cost of the most expensive.

Vacuum tire: bearing as usual, wear, the price is expensive, the car is tight and passenger car, truck, too.

Nylon Tire: poor load-bearing, do not wear, low price.

Second, the concrete mixer and nylon tire steel tire than the power difference

1, the price: the cost of steel tire nearly twice as expensive than the cost of nylon tire

2, Layout: nylon tire is oblique interleaving, steel tire vertical meridian that is staggered.

3, material: nylon material is nylon tire tension, tension material is steel tire wire.

4, process: simple; large.

5 Performance: nylon and steel tire tires are not comparable
Steel tire tire growth is biased, nylon tire is phased out products. Abroad has achieved 100% steel any more. So, Hubei Cheng Li launched customers: would rather spend more money, but also with good tires. Steel tire is good, not easy rolling tires, vacuum tire tire repair if not often play this game, but also to pull the job right?

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Also known as hollow vacuum tire tire, tubeless tires. In fact, not without a tubeless tire inner tubes, it does nothing more than the inner tube, more scientific and more into the battle with the other one kind of material, and the other one kind of tire solution for one of the essentials. The appearance of the inside of a tubeless tire with a layer of high-tight seal film (as usual multi-oxide butyl rubber), tightly attached to the inside of the tire. When a substance such as a nail piercing the atmosphere at the time of leakage from the hole, with the atmosphere immediately fetal endometrial outflow tightening block the hole. Film and one tire, during which there is no leakage of leisure. In addition, the air intake is only one tire and the rim of the mouth of precision bite, it will not leak. Therefore, when the tire is after piercing nails and other objects, the atmosphere is not a sudden loss of the battle only by leakage (because endometrial tightening blocked the hole, so the atmosphere is very slow loss) from stabbed place, you can give the driver sufficient time to deal with place, so that neither the atmosphere because of the sudden loss arising from a car accident (fast speed, the front wheel suddenly leak, often resulting in vehicle rollover accident malignant), it will not leak due to a sudden and grind bad tire.

Incident meticulous steel tire utilization: To check tire often focus above whether a foreign body wearing, but also timely finishing textures of stones, special stone meticulous not to pressure, such as allowing to extend the service life. Steel tire tire rubber inside inexpensive fabric layer with fine steel mesh, can increase the carrying ability of the tire, truck tire not vacuum.