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The design course of beekeeping truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-04

I do not know how many people also on the tip of the tongue on the record of the status of beekeepers have some memory, the traditional record of the traditional beekeeping
images have been gradually be professional beekeeping equipment erased. This is one of the most scientific mature than the professional beekeepers. R & D designers based on the beekeepers modified spontaneous bee-keeping truck and the limitations of the limitations, after several research and experimentation was finally formed a scientific and
rational professional bee-keeping truck. Xiaobian here for the breakdown of what the professional bee-forming process.

The first is the bee farmer spontaneous modification bee-keeping truck design budding stage. Beekeepers in the taste of each loading and unloading field nectar hard after the
market as a professional bee car development blank. Can only choose to modify their own ordinary vehicles to meet the needs of beekeeping. Due to bee farmers on the car modification of knowledge and lack of technical conditions, coupled with the shortage of funds embarrassment. Modified bee car material not only the quality of the old, while some functional design incomplete or unreasonable. But for the beekeepers brought all kinds of hidden dangers and inconvenience.

Followed by R & D designers based on the dilemma of the above-mentioned bee farmers extensive research and experimental design of the development stage. In the beekeepers on the voice of specialized equipment, R & D designers in the quality of new products on a reliable car chassis began Beehive functional facilities development test. The design of the beekeeping truck as an independent ecological system to consider the use of solar energy production, the configuration of a professional beehive and landing board, with an
independent domestic water storage device. At the same time for the professional beekeeping truck control is also equipped with a professional control platform, so that the
daily manipulation of honey and honey bees check operations become simple. Finally, according to the first generation of bee-bee put on the market, the bee farmer proposed transformation of the design needs of the deepening stage. In the ordinary professional beekeeping truck on the basis of the second category of products, beekeepers on the wild bee-life quality of life needs, the installation of a number of housing functional facilities. Such as a toilet with shower facilities, a simple car-bed for rest, and electric-powered kitchen facilities.

By understanding the design process of professional beekeeping truck, to better predict and grasp the development trend of apiculture and professional bee-keeping truck in the
future direction of iterative quite practical significance.