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The degree of wear is the key of protecting the brake pads of sweeper truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-09

Road Sweeper truck manufacturer

Sweeper truck manufacturer

The brake system of sweeper truck has a very important role.Usually being careless or negligent may cause a security risk. In that case,we should always pay attention to the brake system of sweeper truck.Here the Special Vehicle net provides several suggestions about using sweeper truck:

Under normal driving conditions,check brake shoe every 5000 km's driving. Not only to check the remaining thickness, but also to check the wear state of sweeper shoe, whether the degree of wear on both sides are the same and whether returning is free, etc..Once unnormal condition is found,check and solve immediately.

Sweeper brake shoes are all to be usual composed of iron linings and friction materials.Don't wait to change the shoes after friction material worn out. For example,the thickness of new front brake shoes of sweeper truck is 14 mm, while the exchange limit thickness is 7 mm, of which include more than 3 mm thick iron liners and nearly 4 mm thick friction material.

In some sweeper truck,there is a warning system of brake shoe.Once it reaches the wear limit,the dashboard will remind you of shoes replacement. Brake shoeds reached the operating limits must be changed.Even though it still can operate for some time,it will influence the effect of braking and the driving.

When adjusting,you should relace original brake pads of sweeper truck.Only that can reach the best effect between brake pads and brake discs and the minimum wear.

While relacing brake shoes pads,brake cylinder must be got back by professional tools.Don't use some other crowbar to push back.If that,it might easily cause the guide screws of brake caliper bending and make brake pads stuck.

After adjustment and replacement, be sure to step on the brake of sweeper truck to remove the gap between shoe and brake disc.Don't result in the first heavy step to cause sweeper truck disrupted.After the replacement of brake shoes,there need 200 km running to reach the best effect of braking.With new replaced brake shoe of vehicle,driving sweeper truck must be careful.