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The correct way of using the chemical liquid dangerous goods transport vehicle

  • Author:pressure vessel truck
  • Release on :2016-05-03
Chemical liquid truck due to transport goods with explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive and radioactive hazard, to the safety of its specification operation requirements are also compared with other transportation vehicle is much strict. In addition to some hard must comply with the requirements of the state, and some daily drive process the matters of attention and possible harm. Here, the ever triumphant designed steam drivers for all detailed explanation:
First, equipped with conform to the provisions of the driver
Chemical liquid truck drivers must receive special training, to master a certain knowledge of chemical engineering, in case of an accident, the driver has a spare of the knowledge and skills to cope with skilled.
Second, the vehicle safety status and safety performance is qualified
Before you go to chemical liquid truck carefully check the situation of the safety technology, fault must get rid of discovery in operation. 
The correct way of using the chemical liquid dangerous goods transport vehicle
Thirdly, loading goods should pay attention to details
Check the vehicle condition, at this time for loading goods; Loading of the goods to the site to be responsible for the supervision, detailed check whether the goods name, specification, quantity are in conformity with the shipping documents. According to stacking neatly, appropriate, smooth solid, evenly balanced, easy points of basic requirements. All kinds of dangerous chemicals can not conventional, do a car. Carry inflammable and explosive product, chemical liquid truck exhaust pipe to wear flameproof enclosure, barrel dangerous goods with woven bag filling space between the barrel and barrel. Canned liquid container, the volume should be reserved shall not be less than 5% of the total capacity expansion space. When loading of poisonous and harmful goods, want to stand in the upper hand. More attention should be paid to, pairs of any chemical products should be sealed by loading, when the SEC car in case of flying cigarette butts.
Fourthly,emergency processing well-prepared
Emergency dispatcher should check the number of fire equipment, look to whether have effectively, guarantees their moment in the best preparation. With carrying the misfire of tools, professional equipment, labor protection articles to seal, shall not wear nail shoes and garments.
This paper provided by the Chinese pressure vessel supplier