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The correct methods of taking care of school bus in winter

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-13

The temperature plunged or climate change has a great impact on driving school bus. For nursery school bus, cold winter is failure-prone period of  accident-prone. So vehicle maintenance in winter is particularly important. How to make school buses to get through the winter? Next,I will introduce you some notes about school bus maintenance in winter:
1. Replace engine oil with appropriate viscosity
Check whether engine oil grade is low temperature, the lack of availability or deterioration. In winter, oil of cold vehicle is too thick, which will affect the starting, but also increase engine wear. While hot car's engine oil is too thin, which will reduce the lubrication and sealing performance. Do choose suitable high quality complex oil. If at or near the specified oil change, it is best to replace before it gets cold.
2. Check and repair battery
Batteries of school bus are most afraid of low temperature. Battery capacity ratio at low temperature environment is much lower than that at normal temperature. Therefore, before the advent of the cold season, the battery electrolyte should be added to adjust the proportion of good electrolyte. Also clean the battery terminal, and coated with special oil to protect and ensure a reliable start to extend battery life. If a vehicle is parked in the open air or cold a few weeks do not, should remove the battery, stored in a warmer room, to prevent freezing damage to the battery.
3. Trial ventilation system
Stop using the ventilation system in a very long time, there is still prone to failure. It is best to try there is no hot air, fans running any abnormal sound, duct patency. Sometimes problems encountered is warm water in the long-term antifreeze does not flow, condense blocking the circulation line, although not affect traffic, but it is very troublesome to repair.
4. Add suitable antifreeze
Winter as temperatures dropping, people in summer use water to act as a coolant, which move absolutely feasible. If still as a cooling medium, with nighttime temperatures drop, the water will freeze expansion with tap water, and even the cracking water tank, damage normal operation of the cooling system, thus adding suitable antifreeze in the tank during the winter to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system.
5. Chassis antirust
Winter, car chassis and rain always deal directly, it is easy to rust, speeding tires would mud flung the car chassis. After the storm, the car's chassis began to rust. So, take a moment before winter is best, to be a chassis rust treatment.
6. Regularly clean wiper winshield
In winter, wiper winshield should be cleaned regularly to ensure a clear wiper windshield and driving safety. Also, add some water glass windshield deicer. When ice windshield, the glass water spray, ice can melt, unlike ordinary glass of water, when the spray freezes more trouble.
7. Tire maintenance of school bus
In the winter tire rubber will harden and relatively brittle, the coefficient of friction will be reduced, so the tire pressure is not too high, but more can not be too low. External temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, soft tires can seriously accelerate aging. Winter to frequent cleaning inclusions within the tread, try to avoid using up more than once a tire, replace worn out larger and different patterns of different brands of tires. Tire wear very different inside and outside, in order to ensure safe from wear to the tires regularly exchange position.
8. Preheat after starting engine
To preheat after starting engine and do not imediately move as soon as starting, which does great damage to the vehicle. Because just started the engine lubricating oil has not yet put in place all parts, the engine temperature is low, will produce parts of dry grinding, leading to early parts cylinder, journals, and other gear wear. After starting to heat up for a moment to be idle until the water temperature rises and reaches idle only after normal start driving. The school bus started, it should be smooth with a few kilometers, until the vehicle speed reaches a good warm-up before the state.