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The common questions and answers about sweeper truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-05

Steyr heavy truck road sweeping truck 

Steyr heavy truck road sweeping truck

Increasingly serious air pollution does harm to people's health and can't reach to the national or local air quality index standards.Now sweeper trucks can purify the air quality,reduce air pollution and reduce damage caused by excessive dust to the road surface and lead to the end of the service life of thr road.For the factories,it can prevent the production from being polluted by the dust and contaminating dust when moving machines as well.While the work efficiency of sweeper truck is equivalent to 6-40 times work efficiency of labor.Improve work efficiency,create a good and clean environment and help to improve the image of the city, which are the great significances for modern environmental causes.

Now i will share some of the common questions asked by customers and our answers:

Question 1: what is the main purpose of sweeper truck?

Answer:sweeper truck,as one of the environmental sanitation equipments,is a kind of new and high efficient equipment with functions of road cleaning,garbege collection and transportation.Mainly used for cleaning works for the environmental sanitation department in over medium-sized city.sweeper truck greatly reduces the work strength of sanitation workers,improving work efficiency and reducing dust and other secondary pollution.

Question 2: What are the types of sweeper truck?

Answer: (1)hand push sweeper car and walk behind sweeper car; (2)self-propelled road sweeper; (3)pure broom sweeper car; (4)suction broom sweeper car; (5 )pure suction sweeper car(multi-purpose all-suction sweeper); (6)dry cleaning road sweeper car(cleaning car); (7)wet road sweeper car; (8)the full suction sweeper car.

Question 3: What kind of driving license do sweeper truck drivers need?

Answer: Driving sweeper truck needs a B-driving license or over license B for the drivers.If it is a small car,then license C is ok.if it is medium-sized, at least license B.But if it is a large one, you must have the driving license A.

Usually small-size cars with blue license plates need C license.And the license plate of the common sweeper truck is yellow plate.For cars with yellow plates,only license over B can you drive on the road.Therefore,drivers must have licenses over B to drive road sweeper truck.

Questions 4: What is a dry cleaning road sweeper car?

Answer: Dry cleaning road sweeper car is a kind of new sweeper truck,without using brush and water,operating completely by airflows,which is according to the aerodynamic principles.This is authenticated to be a leading technology by experts and we have the independent intellectual property rights.Dry cleaning road sweeper car only uses the airblow,without using brush and water, to aviod the first-dusting and secondary dusting pollution.The widely use of dry cleaning roa sweeper car will greatly reduce the content of air respirable particulate matters and completely solve the serious problem of dust pollution.It is an environmental friendly energy-efficient new modern sanitation product.Its environmental technical indicators is higher than the national industry standard.

Questions 5: what are the advantages of pure suction road sweeper car?

Answer: Pure suction road sweeper is a whole new high-technological product with no secondary dust

pollution and better function than traditional sweeper car.It ultilizes the principle of purely vacuuming of negative pressure and maed up by the vacuuming system, first-dust colletion box, the secondary dust colletion box, dust recovery system, hydraulic system, electric control system and walking system, etc..Pure suction road sweeper car,with advantages of a wide range of cleaning, high dust collection rate, no secondary dust suction port, no dust emission at outlet and high work efficiency,etc.,is a preferred products for sanitation cleaning and metarial recovery.

Question 6: What kind of enviroments does pure suction road sweeper car apply to?

Answer: It is applied to industrial and mining enterprises where easily cause dust pollution with dusty,high concentration and high density;to fast sweeping cleaning on city elevated expressway bridge,highway and bridge or tunnel cleaning; sweeping cleaning on city's main roads, highway and motorway.

Question 7: what are the differences between sweeper truck and road wash sweeping truck?

Answer: The nature of road maintenance sweeper truck is to install sprinkler function based on,while the nature of road wash sweeping truck is a sweeper with a high-pressure cleaning,equivalent of multi-use sweeper truck with functions of road sweeping and washing, pipes cleaning, wall washing,highway sections cleaning.

Questions 8: What are the key advantages of electric sweeper truck?

Answer: 1.Electric operation,with no noise and no emissions, improving the image of

enterprises; 2.small size, turning flexibly, easy to drive, easy to maintenance, suitable for manual cleaning most places;3.set sweeping and vacuuming together;no secondary pollution and no secondary dust;4.good cleaning effect of that small size as dust and sand and large size as stones, broken bricks, leaves and cigarette all can be swept away. 5.mechanized operation is not only efficiency and good effect that the machine cleans well,but also avoids the phenomena of flying dust,difficultly sweeping and sweeping drain.

Question 9:What is the problem of the self-decline of the cylinder of DongFeng road sweeper truck?

Answer: Usually it is the hydraulic system problems for multi-valve.Then because the cylinder is out of strength.For all,you have to find the factory and the professionals for maintenance.

Questions 10: What is the appropriate auxiliary engine speed for dry cleaning road sweeper car?

Answer: The appropriate auxiliary engine speed of dry cleaning road sweeper car is 2200 rpm.Specificly,you can decide according to the different specific car models and brands.