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The common questions about cement mixer truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-31

First, what should concrete mixer truck be paid attention on? 

Driving concrete mixer truck, for qualified drivers, they all know the general knowledge of safe driving. Here to remind that, because concrete is a fluid state, and in a sharp turn of the vehicle, be sure to slow down in order to avoid the centrifugal force generated when the concrete turn the vehicle unstable! 

Second, what are the implications of concrete mixer truck overloading concrete? 
Below 9 square concrete mixer truck over fitted concrete, the car in the process of climbing would leak spill; for 12 square concrete mixer truck over loading concrete, stirring delamination, concrete sand ratio on the low side, gravel particle size is too large, to the site pumping more stones. 

Third, how many years driving will new concrete mixer truck easily appear 
Loading dry material is generally five years, seven years is generally wet material, prone to problems for common concrete mixer truck is in three years later. The fault of concrete mixer truck has a great relationship with personal maintenance and the manufacture. 

Fourth, what should be done if concrete concreting in the concrete mixer truck? 
After the concrete hard setted, the main component is dicalcium silicate, tricalcium silicate. Theoretically, hydrochloric acid can react to lift its solid shape. But in fact difficult to operate because of the mixer spout is small, difficult to control the amount of hydrochloric acid and hydrochloric acid can also occur with the mixer tank. This situation arose in practice, often by cutting gas cutting or welding tank, then solidified concrete crushing machine. 

Fifth, what is the mean of tops-configuration of concrete mixer truck? 
Concrete mixer truck tops refers mixer truck everything except fender chassis, including stirred tank and seat, out of the hopper, hydraulic systems and gear units, tanks and piping, operating link mechanism. 

Sixth, Is the general mixer manufacturers of the hydraulic system domestic or 
Manufacturers generally based on the size of the mixer and customer demand option, the following six-party standard for the domestic system (optional imported), more than the standard six-party imported systems. 

Seventh, for small amount of mixer side of the hydraulic pump, is variable pump 
or quantitative pump better? 
Concrete mixer truck pump is the main part. Generally, for 6 squar meters vehicle, choose standard quantitative pump. But it is suggested to mount variable pump. 

Eighth, what is the welding process of concrete mixer truck? 
Manufacturers are now generally on the entire car with automatic welding seamless welding, girth and longitudinal seam welding are used in automatic seamless. 

Ninth, payment mixer is what? 
The mixer has a variety of payment options, you can also purchase the full amount in installments, the full amount of car manufacturers in general there will be some concessions, no concessions installments, and interest and bank interest unchanged. 

Tenth, concrete mixer truck discharge strenuous how to do? In addition to water 
outside the presence or absence of a better way? 
If it is because of the concrete, it is to look at the strength of concrete slump is too small or too high, or too close concrete under a bad reason, the above reasons may be adjusted according to what concrete construction requirements; if always bad next, we must consider whether the blade angle and the feed opening piece in question.