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The cleaning tips of fuel tank truck engine

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-26

Fuel tank truck engine needs cleaning, this important? Engine surface covered with dirt for a long time without cleaning, the surface will accelerate the oxidation reaction, various other components of the engine is the same reason, so in his spare time small advice can some simple cleaning engine, say something like the following to properly clean engine of fuel tank truck tips and precautions:

Fuel tank truck engine usually encountered any impurities at high temperatures will be solidified directly, such as: rain, mud, etc. are mixed at a high temperature to form the dirt. We should be wiped with a damp cloth, then clean water truthfully in indelible, of course, can not be stopped immediately wipe after traveling to wait half an hour after, in order to avoid contact with hot and cold water prone to cracks.

Before starting to clean water can not touch the first member wrapped, then using a brush, water and detergent to remove dirt. If encounter difficult to clean dirt stains, use a dedicated engine cleaner. Here is Xiao Bian Recommended foam cleaner, as the foam stays longer on the surface of the dirt, breaks down dirt and make it rise to the surface. But the role of such chemical cleaning agents is very strong, so be careful when performing flushing. If dirt can not be cleaned with a damp cloth, wipe afraid to use ordinary detergent.

In addition, we also need to note the following:

1, the first not to use chemical reactions too intense detergent, household cleaning agents to use to operate.

2, first remove dirt or dust such water can be removed dirt. Be sure to be afraid of water before the water covered parts.

3, due to high temperature and solidified dirt engine room is unique dirt, use special detergent to clean the engine would be better.

4, the prohibition of the use detergent to clean the paint, use water.

5, in a clean aluminum grille and exhaust pipes, etc., cleaning agents require a relatively high use a special cleaner.

6, more difficult to clean the dirt available special foam engine cleaner.

In fact, the cleaning work is very simple, once you have done the correct way to do more with less, fuel tank truck engine maintenance but also as people's living habits, like the law of life will be able to live longer, the engine as well.