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The advantages you don't know of mobile storefront food truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-19

Mobile store is now an important vehicle for sale of equipment, can achieve a variety of production activities and the beginning of many investment entrepreneurs to provide the possibility. Many people say that the mobile store small shops, sales of small items, will not affect earnings, it is not. Today for everyone to a simple analysis and introduction, the following simple to understand.
     1, under normal circumstances, for the restaurant operators, the shop area per square meter, is a guarantee of turnover. But for the business, the sales of food and beverage consumption through the guests and the amount of traffic control, for some large restaurants, although the area is large, the amount of high consumption, but the poor mobility of consumers, limiting the operation , Mobile stores to overcome this shortcoming.
     2, the products operated by a small variety, another level represents the circulation of the basic speed, the low amount of funds, inventory, loss rate is much lower than the big stores, a virtuous circle, and the production process is simple , Do not need to put too much input, can be very good to reduce the production price of finished products, increase traffic and turn Taiwan rate.
     Through the above simple sharing and introduction, the basic misunderstanding for the mobile store should have a simple understanding and understanding, if you want to learn more product information, you are welcome to come to Hubei Chang Jie advice.