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The advantages of the performance of the garbage box detachable garbage truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-09

Hubei Chang Jie Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a R & D and production of various types of sanitation garbage truck capacity of veteran sanitation vehicles manufacturer. Its garbage truck, compressed garbage truck, swing arm garbage truck has been popular user acceptance, especially in the recent years, the car can be dumped garbage truck sales increased dramatically, the comprehensive analysis of its advantages in the following several aspects:

1 compartment can be unloaded garbage truck optional N trash, where N represents a number, can be one, can be ten, it can be 100, or even more. A multi-barrel joint operation of vehicles, recycling, not only fully improve the transport capacity of vehicles, and cars and barrels can be used several times, can save an unnecessary cost.

2. Detachable garbage truck with automatic lifting device, work by the power take off from the car engine power to drive the oil pump rotation, and then manipulate the multi-valve, through the lifting mechanism to complete the trash raised and garbage The entire unloading work inside the car, the entire process without human operation. As the tail of the car is openable, so when the garbage inside the unloading compartment also no human operation.

3. Hubei Chang Jie Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. for the factory direct sales model, in terms of price, and you will have a greater advantage. Moreover, Hubei Chang Jie special steam dedicated to the manufacture of special vehicles have been more than a decade, the scale can be said to be the most special vehicles, have their own R & D team, technical team and sales team.

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