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The Special Technology of New road sweeper truck (1)

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-16

Technical explanation of the cleaning device with automatic avoidance and automatic resetting function.

In the sweeping device of sweeper truck, at least one of the sweepers extends outside the vehicle to clean the teeth. If there is no obstacle avoidance function, the operator can easily make the sweep disk collide with the road edge and cause the damage. Therefore, it is necessary to design a cleaning device having the function of automatically avoiding the obstacle and automatically recovering the working position after passing the obstacle.

My company's technical staff with the actual situation, developed a barrier with automatic avoidance and automatic reset function of the sweeper truck sweeping device.

The utility model cleaning device is realized by the following technical scheme. Including a sweep tray assembly and a fixing frame. It is characterized in that a sweeping mechanism is arranged between the sweeping disc assembly and the fixing frame of the road sweeper truck, and is mounted on the fixing frame through the bearing, and its hinge
point is located in front of the sweeping disc assembly. The avoidance mechanism is composed of a regulating rod, a connecting rod and an oil cylinder. One end of the adjusting rod and the connecting rod are hinged with the support and the other end is hinged with the disc type brush. One end of the cylinder is flexibly hinged on the fixed frame and the other end is connected with the connecting rod. A fixing spring is arranged between the fixing frame and the connecting rod; and a fence is arranged on the outer edge of the rigid edge of the scanning brush. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and avoidance when the obstacle is encountered, and the protection function is reliable.