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The Special Technology of New Sweeper Truck (2)

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-16

During the cleaning operation of sweeper truck, is by the Deputy engine through the belt will be transmitted to the fan torque, the fan speed, nozzle has a strong negative pressure, which will be ground through the suction nozzle inhalation of garbage in the trash. Therefore, the rationality of the structure of the transmission device and the efficiency of the transmission power directly affect the sweeping effect. If the auxiliary engine drive shaft and the pulley between the direct key connection, when the engine starts, the fan will rotate together with the secondary hair, this time Vice-speed is very low, has not yet reached the load conditions, this connection Will reduce the service life of secondary hair, secondary hair prone to failure. If the auxiliary engine drive shaft and the pulley between the rigid clutch connection, although the secondary launch to solve the impact of the fan on the engine, but when the system suddenly increases the load or fan failure, the rigid clutch can not buffer the impact of the system , Will cause great damage to the secondary hair. All these problems must be solved by a transmission which is highly efficient and does not pose an impact on the engine.

Changjie Special Automobile sweeper truck factory,through the analysis of the characteristics of the organization, the comparison of a variety of programs, rigorous testing, the vice-engine and the fan drive between the original set using the automatic clutch device. The working principle of the device is: when the engine is not working, the clutch tension spring to tighten the wedge together, this time between the engine shaft and the pulley is separated from the. When the engine starts, with the gradual increase in
speed, centrifugal centrifugal force is also increased, when the centrifugal force exceeds the spring force, the centrifugal block and the shell of the pulley began to gradually contact the transmission torque. The faster the centrifugal force is, the closer the contact between the centrifugal block and the shell is, the greater the torque will be transmitted and the higher the work efficiency will be. When the fan overload or failure, the centrifugal block and the shell will be due to the reaction of the shell and slipping, so the engine played a protective effect.

This device can ensure the secondary engine off-load and secondary engine stop and automatic disengagement from the fan, simplifying the operation and improve the reliability of the sub-engine and service life, at the same time, deputy engine in addition to the work speed display, there are accumulated Automatic recording of operating time display, easy
to repair and maintenance.