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The Special Technology of New Road Sweeper Truck (4)

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-17

Left and right before the sweep can be independent or linkage of technical notes

When road sweeper trucks sweep the streets, because the road in the middle of the vehicle driving the dust to the roadside, so usually only need to clean the roadside. The need to clean the width of the roadside, each road are different.

In order to better adapt to road cleaning, reduce the user's cost, our company will be left and right before the sweep tray designed to be independent or linkage operations. In this way, the sweeper operator can choose to use the left front sweep tray or the right front sweep tray individually or in combination according to the width of the road surface to be swept when the sweeping operation is performed.

This selective sweeping operation allows the road sweeper trucks to reduce the width of the track and increase the width of the track during the sweeping operation and, if possible, the working mechanism near the side of the fast lane. Operating vehicles and traffic safety, but also reduces the sweep when the wear and tear, enabling lower operating costs.