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The Role of mobile stage truck in Beer Marketing

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-17

With people on beer consumption enhancement, international beer enterprises through acquisitions, joint and other means to seize the Chinese market, and as a local enterprise how to maintain the current market share? How to cross the battle phase of brand stalemate? This topic has become the current stage or for a long time to think about the problem. Mobile stage truck might be a perfect choice.

International brands in promoting the internationalization of China's beer market at the same time, bringing advanced business philosophy, pay attention to the dissemination of culture, and domestic beer companies in the brand culture and dissemination of the lack of attention and skills, the future beer market competition will Reflected in the brand culture of competition. Beer in essence is a brand consumption, the product is only a carrier. Consumers consumption of beer when the psychological needs of the atmosphere is the main feeling, the performance of personality, experience life forms. Therefore, the cultural connotation of the brand is profound, is unique, that is, the size of cultural power will be the key factor in determining brand value. Strictly speaking, the existing regional strong brand loyalty is not built on the high connotation and personality characteristics of consumers on the basis of a high degree of identity, but because of the geographical characteristics of beer products and regional strong brand marketing forces. So, for the local regional brand, the brand maintenance goal is to maintain a high brand loyalty, and should do a good job of declining loyalty to the market, so to cope with international brands "to create distinctive personality characteristics of the brand differentiation differentiation consumer groups, Segmentation of market share, "a strong initiative, we only" to have changed, to prevent him from changing "the positive response measures to promote their strong regional market branding, consumer-oriented advertising-oriented form, strengthen cultural connotation, to stay Living habits have been accustomed to the inherent taste of the customer base, cultivate customer loyalty, while shaping through the culture to attract new consumer groups, effectively blocking the differentiation of other enterprises of the brand differentiation of the attack.

If the advertising and terminal performance is relatively more common way of brand communication, then, event marketing is relatively more exclusive, more initiative. Event marketing to promote brand communication, enhance brand vitality, enhance brand image, beer branding goal is to enable consumers to experience. Mobile road show truck as a participatory form of advertising is a combination of static and dynamic advertising carrier, a direct display of corporate brand image, allowing users to participate directly in the marketing activities of the event, leaving an unforgettable feeling is a wonderful process. Will be in full swing in the beer war to help you a hand.