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The Role of Subsea Valve in Fuel Tank Truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-07

There are many customers asking what role the subsea valve, the following by the Hubei Chang Jie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. to explain the principles and role of the underwater valve.

The understanding of subsea valve of fuel tank truck

Subsea valve, also known as built-in safety stop valve at the end, emergency shut-off valve, is installed in a dangerous cargo tank of liquid metal tank pressure relief valve safety valve. The valve close to the root of the tank, not for other purposes, in non-loading and unloading in a closed state. The stabilization pump water intake of the fire protection system also uses the submarine valve to prevent the pipe network water backflow.
Working Principle and Function of Submarine Valve of Tank Car

Subsea valve mainly consists of by the shell, sealing mechanism, transmission, tank connection flange, outlet flange composed of five parts. The sealing mechanism is inserted into the tank body and is axially self-sealed by the stainless steel spring force, so that the subsea valve is in the normally closed state, and is opened and closed by the transmission mechanism. The root of the shell is provided with a breaking groove which can effectively absorb the energy transmitted from the pipeline damaged by the impact and break the valve body from the broken groove to separate the tank body from the pipeline so as to ensure the sealing mechanism intact and avoid material leakage and greatly enhance the transportation. Safety, for many domestic and international oil companies, chemical liquid dangerous goods transport enterprises to adopt.