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The Precautions during the rescue process of Heavy duty wrecker truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-23

Sometimes, due to improper operation of the rescue wrecker truck, the failure vehicles wre caused secondary damage. Then what should we pay attention to the use of heavy duty
wrecker trucks, the following to learn together.

1, we arrived at the scene, we should first understand the operation of the object in order to select the appropriate wrecker vehicle to operate.
2, clear before the barrier, one must see the direction of action and instructions to control the direction of the action, the second should pay attention to start when the
action to be slightly slower.
3, the use of arm support, one should choose a good lifting position, the second to consider supporting the arm to shorten as much as possible, but do not interfere with
driving, care after the vehicle must pay attention to the chain, the strap for the auxiliary connection to the vehicle fixed , So as not to be in the driving process due to
braking, bumps and other reasons caused by the wagon and wrecker from the damage to the entrusted vehicles or security incidents.
4, the use of crane and winch for lifting and pulling operations, the separation of the winch clutch, wire rope in the winch reel to retain at least 5 laps, operation to
maximize the use of winch wire rope stretch, do not arbitrarily extend and change the boom , Do not overload when using the boom, so as not to damage the crane and the
occurrence of security incidents. Arm, legs, arm and other moving parts within the scope of their work must pay attention to safety.
5, during the driving of one-towing-two wrecker truck, due to road conditions, braking, steering and other factors, we must pay attention to the speed can not be too fast, high
-grade highway not more than 50Km / h, mountain road, uneven road Not more than 30Km / h, so as not to damage the vehicle or the occurrence of security incidents. Try to avoid
overloading or partial load use.
6, such as a longer working hours, pay attention to hydraulic oil temperature should not exceed 60 ° C, especially in the high temperature environment for continuous operation,
but also pay attention to check to prevent the oil temperature is too high.
7, on a regular basis to wrecker maintenance and inspection, to ensure the normal use of wrecker and extend the service life of wrecker truck.