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The Main Uses and Characteristics of 8 Tons fuel truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-06

I believe every driver,in the long journey,might have encountered the same embarrassing thing, that is the car walked fast without gasoline/diesel, but there is no nearby gas station, this time you need a mobile gas station to help you refuel, this Mobile gas station is the fuel truck. Refueling tonnage of different, of which 8 tons of fuel trucks is a common model.

8 tons fuel trucks, just look at the name to know that it is a car refueling vehicle, and its main function is to transport some of the same and oil products, including diesel, lubricants, etc., its main role is to the car refueling, refueling Car is like a mobile gas station, you can always give the car refueling.
Fuel trucks will have a large storage room, you can only store an oil, you can also be divided into many inside the warehouse, so that you can separate the different storage of oil. In general, the tanker tanker requirements are relatively high, because it is used to transport oil, so its safety factor must be high, most of the tank is currently used in stainless steel, and some will use other material.

8 tons of fuel trucks to give other cars because of fuel, so its configuration is also more complex, but most of the fuel trucks are almost the same configuration, there will be basically a car chassis, used to carry tank, there will be refueling And refueling machine on the display, it will show how much oil, there will be breathing valves and gear pumps, usually for safety reasons will be installed in the car two fire extinguishers to prepare for the occasional need.

Refueling in the refueling time will be generated by the engine power through a series of gearbox, making the tank's oil can be successfully entered the tank to achieve the purpose of refueling. Currently on the market there are many manufacturers are in the production of such fuel trucks, with the popularization of long-distance travel, this mobile gas station more and more by everyone's favorite.