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The Influence of Wind Load on Aerial Ladder Moving truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-27

At present, the research on wind load is mainly concentrated on buildings, bridges and some high-rise structures (such as chimneys, high-voltage transmission towers, etc.). 
Along with the increase of the height and flexibility of large-scale engineering jibs, wind loads become large- (Including load, internal force, displacement, etc.) Has become an indispensable and important step in the design and calculation of the tall boom structure(including aerial ladder moving truck), which is one of the main lateral loads which
can not be neglected by the boom. Wind load on the structure of the specific performance in the following areas:

1. The effect of wind load on the structural strength of the main components of the engineering boom, the wind load acting on the structure, in the form of wind pressure on the project to generate additional additional load arm, making the boom of the deformation and stress increase.

2. Wind load on the overall stability of the engineering boom, the project is stable under the arm itself can be a good balance of the forward tilt moment, the work of the case if the wind is likely to undermine the balance of anti-overturning arm The capacity is weakened, the probability of occurrence of overturning accidents increases.

3. Wind load may cause structural parts to produce vibration, fatigue failure, resulting in local structural cracks or residual deformation, in general engineering jib structure, mostly circular cross-section or rectangular cross-section components, the wind may be The vibration frequency of the structure does not reach the natural frequency, although there will not be too much strength, but also prone to fatigue phenomenon weakened the strength of the structure. Once the vibration frequency close to the natural frequency of the structure will cause a larger vibration response. In addition, the wind load caused by the boom vibration will also cause discomfort to high-altitude operators, virtually increase the probability of engineering accidents.(aerial ladder moving truck)

According to the influence of the wind on the high-rise structure, the wind is divided into two kinds of winds: wind and wind. Their characteristics are as follows: wind is divided into wind and wind gust, the average wind will not cause the vibration of the structure is equivalent to static Winds and winds are all characteristics of downwind winds; transverse winds are not only the periodic vibrations but also the effects of load winds containing random vibrations, that is to say that the cross winds include periodic winds and pulsations wind.