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The Function of FRP in Refrigerator Truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-23

The Role of FRP in Changjie Refrigerated Truck
The Role of FRP in Refrigerated Trucks
Insulated FRP composite panel using FRP (FRP sheet as the outer layer, plus high-strength grid layout and high-density polyurethane foam laminated by vacuum high pressure composite.

1. FRP performance:
Insulation: Insulated refrigerated trucks composite board light weight, no deformation, leaving no gap within the plate, cold storage insulation performance.

Watertight: the appearance of FRP manufacturers composite panels of glass panels with impermeable, rigid polyurethane foam obturator rate, with excellent water resistance.

Easy installation: the use of high-strength aluminum composite panels and assembly of insulated refrigerated trucks, simple and fast device. The surface of the assembled insulated refrigerated truck is smooth and seamless, with good surface finish, beautiful and durable.

Corrosion resistance: The black gel coat on the outer surface of the FRP board makes the surface of the composite board smooth and easy to be cleaned. The dirt can be easily
removed, the whole panel is colorful, and the acid, alkali, Salt and other media have a good chemical stability, can be a long time to adhere to the appearance of smooth does
not change color, corrosion resistance, anti-sun, anti-aging.

Easy to repair: Insulation refrigerated trucks manufacturers composite board repair is very convenient, and no obvious signs of repair after treatment.
Compared to stainless steel, aluminum alloy, FRP refrigerated trucks produced slightly cheaper prices.

2. FRP refrigerated truck insulation Size:
Insulated refrigerated trucks composite panels can be done up to 13.5 meters long, 2.9 meters wide, the thickness is generally 50-120mm Other thickness can be produced according to user requirements.

FRP other applications are widely used in refrigeration, chemical, construction, packaging, military, transportation, industrial design, Dongguan refrigerated trucks and other aspects of structural materials and insulation materials. Such as cold storage, building roof, refrigerated cars, simple activities room, insulation room, storage room and other
thermal insulation.