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The Changjie introduced many asphalt distributor, meet the needs of various road conditions both at

  • Author:Asphalt sprayer truck
  • Release on :2016-05-05
With the rapid development of China's highway industry, especially the new technology, the use of new and high-quality construction materials requirements, has become the senior black pavement road sign for asphalt distributor has opened up broad prospects for use. To meet market demand at home and abroad, Hubei Special Purpose Vehicle Chang Jie introduced a variety of intelligent asphalt distributor, is gradually go through the black road machinery maintenance market.
Asphalt pavement surface having a smooth, seamless, small vibration, smooth and comfortable driving, low noise, maintenance easy maintenance, etc., have become highways, ports, roads, airports and other main choice of the road, including a new highway, "through layer "" seal coat "," sticky floor "and a large number of low-grade roads and township roads used" layup law ", requires high-quality asphalt spray, and this is asphalt distributor to provide a broad" useless."
Hubei Special Purpose Vehicle Chang Jie intelligent asphalt distributor in oil heating system, electric control system, asphalt circulation system, air system, hydraulic system, PTO system, adopted advanced systems, control by controlling the opening and closing cylinder head opening and closing, in order to achieve different spray roadbed width of the maximum width of 6 meters; each nozzle is independently controlled pitch, avoid spraying operation can not be accidentally damaged due to construction of individual cylinder; this car minutes after the cab and working platform two spray control system, greatly improved the car's level of intelligence, this car also comes with a manual spray gun for spraying corners repaired to ensure the overall quality of the road.
As currently the main models, Chang Jie intelligent asphalt distributor of research and development, the company's significance, the next step, the company will continue to improve asphalt distributor product spectrum to meet domestic and foreign demand for a variety of road conditions, contribute to the construction of the black pavement.