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Temperature Setting of Mini Refrigerator Truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-18

Small refrigerated trucks When loading temperature settings:
The temperature controller is set at the required temperature, pre-cooling the car 1.5 hours to drain away the heat stuck in the trunk; the refrigeration unit is closed, rapid loading loading.
Before loading, usually the compartment is at room temperature, according to what we need to transport the product, the home page is to go to the compartment of the preheating or pre-cooling, if not to do this, then the product will change Into into the ambient temperature, or the ambient temperature on the impact of the product temperature, so the pre-cooling or preheating is a very critical step ,
It is worth noting that when we are loading or unloading when the refrigeration unit needs to close out, if not, this is a very wrong approach
So what is the reason for the small refrigerator car temperature setting?
The reason is: when we put the compartment after pre-cooling, if you do not shut down, open the car door, the refrigerator unit evaporator fan is working, the fan positive pressure, and the back of the negative pressure, If the fan is in a stop state, the air flow stops, the inside and outside air pressure is the same, thus making the external heat , so that the temperature inside the car quickly rise, Air transmission into the compartment of the speed is relatively slow. (refrigerator trck for sale)