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Tectonic Principle of Followed Steerable Rear Axle of Three-axis Liquefied Gas Transport Trailer

  • Author:Long street
  • Release on :2017-02-14

Semi-trailer series is the "dumping transport", "section of transport", "ro-ro transport" the best models, with good transport economic benefits, so the transport market demand for semi-trailer increasing. In the semi-trailer operation costs, tire wear occupied the main part. If the chemical semi-trailer equipped with steerable rear axles, it can effectively reduce the tire wear, but also reduces the minimum turning radius and channel width, improve the passing of the train and mobility, greatly improving the reliability of the semi-trailer And maintainability.

Today, Hubei Changjie special steam with you to discuss the tectonic principle of steerable rear axles of three-axis liquefied gas transport trailer

Three-axis liquefied gas transport semi-trailer used in the structure of electronic control - hydraulic follow-up steerable system. The steering angle of the follower axle is determined by the relationship between the vehicle speed and the forward steering angle. This parameter is previously set as the program parameter in the control module. That is, when the current axle steering angle and the speed is sure, then the steering axle steering angle is unique. The use of this system can improve the steering performance of the vehicle, while reducing tire wear and tear, while ensuring the safety of transport, but also reduce fuel consumption and save energy, can meet the traffic regulations under the premise of the user to bring more Good economic benefits, the rear axle with the steering of the three-axle semi-trailer steering performance was significantly better than ordinary semi-trailer.