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Technical Characteristics and Performance of road Sweeper truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-21

Our company's road sweeper truck production can be widely used in urban streets, roads, squares, airports, terminals, residential, campus, factory and other road cleaning operations.

Multi-function road sweeper truck is customized according to customer needs a sweep and sprinkler features a combination of two models of multi-function sweeper, with cleaning, vacuuming, forward, after the sprinkle, green cannons, etc. Function, the use of original 600P series light truck chassis production, chassis engine 130 horsepower, clean the engine 77.5 horsepower, trash and water tank total volume of about 6 cubic meters, customized according to user needs 3 +3 or 4 +2 flexible distribution, the liner Made of stainless steel, more durable.

Sweeping capacity of the road sweeping vehicles after cleaning the road, curb and curb stone will no longer have garbage, can be achieved without dust, no stains without water effects, thereby greatly improving the quality of urban road cleaning.

Low energy consumption, low noise, V-shaped high-pressure water spray bar, the work of automatic collection of water flow and the left and right sides of the sweep to the crescent of the rotating scrubbing and scrubbing pool of sewage, greatly reducing the required nozzle width , Thus greatly reducing the fan flow, reducing noise, saving energy.

Technical Features:
1, road sweeper truck Special sweep and sweep the brush can also clean road pavement, curb, curb stone facade and the surface;
2, sweeping road car wear-resistant fan with wear-resistant high-pressure heart fan, strong wind, long service life;
3, equipped with a hydraulic power steering device, steering light, flexible, reducing the labor intensity of the operator;
4, discharge angle, unloading sediment deposition of sediment and garbage can be automatically unloaded;
5, sweeping road vehicles with hydraulic oil leakage alarm device can be found in the course of operation of hydraulic oil leaks to prevent leakage of hydraulic oil on the road causing pollution;
6,  the sewage tank is equipped with anti-overflow alarm device and washing device;
7,  road sweeper truck to use the electricity, the liquid, the air centralism control, the control advanced, the operation is convenient;
8,  road sweeper truck with reliable components, plunger pumps, water safety valve, relief valve, key hydraulic components and electrical components imported original international brands, excellent performance, reliable;
9, road sweeper truck use advanced high-pressure pump protection system, using the national patent high-pressure water control device, when the high-pressure pump start
and work valve switch, the pump unloading valve automatically open, eliminating the impact on the pump, greatly Improve the service life of high-pressure pump; water tanks
equipped with low water level alarm device to prevent high-pressure pump water damage;
10, Sweeper and spray bar with automatic collision avoidance and automatic reset function, left and right sweep disc and left and right high-pressure water spray bar with
automatic collision avoidance and automatic reset function to solve the operation due to misuse of the sweep or high pressure Water spray rod easy to break the problem.