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Teach you three minutes sprinkler maintenance tips

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-28

Summer quietly come, cool water sprayer can give the road sprinkler, sprinkler in summer in the role of a city are considerable, sprinkler and car, however, belong to the consumable, after using in wear condition, over time, hard to avoid can appear some safety problems, this needs us to regularly check and maintenance, how to maintain the sprinkler?

Sprinkler pump maintenance
Water pump for the sprinkler is crucial, if the sprinkler to stop using for a long time, should disassemble pump, wash good safekeeping. County, as sprinkler water pond, attention will suction front department all submerged, water absorption, filtration unit will be removed, are forbidden to avoid inhaling sundry. Different sprinkler pumps were different to the requirement of water, fresh water pump for water there can be no impurities, turbid water pumps require water there can be no stones and too much sediment. Sprinkler in front of the water, or in front of the sprinkler, take power plant gear must be conducted when parking. When the weather is cold, the water pump shall generally be screwed down oil plug, will be released within the pump reservoir is clean, in order to avoid frost crack pump parts, generally no longer cold winter construction in north China, so at the end of the construction, emptying of the water in the water pump and the pipe will be immediately, in case of future trouble.

Sprinkler tank maintenance
Due to the sprinkler tank and cushion between sprinkler girders have wooden pads, water load after the U bolt looseness will happen due to the deformation of rubber wood, therefore after the vehicle overloading, must tighten the U bolt regularly, especially when using must do this. Sprinkler often check the fixed condition of water tank, pump bracket, bracket, all should be tighten nut, ensure reliable connection fastening. Tanks may not stick on the paint of the gasoline and kerosene, because it can make the paint damage of acceleration. Check the quality of the paint on the tanks on schedule, when paint damage, timely fill paint, in case the tank to produce rust. Spring rain is more, the acid in the rain can damage the sprinkler paint, should get into the habit of wax car wash after the rain. Should pay attention to when choosing a wax, the ordinary oil and solid wax because no adhesion, easy contamination (after a watermark, etc.) and paint scraped, brightness not lasting faults have been phased out, it is best to make a closure glaze or coating for sprinkler, not only can keep the paint lasting 
bright, also can protect the paint from the sand.
Sprinkler chassis maintenance
As the saying goes rotten rotten bottom first, therefore in the maintenance of the sprinkler chassis maintenance is one of the most important, but very few people will value to this, the summer due to the attack of baking, rain water on the surface of the earth, and the humidity of the atmosphere, salt corrosion car, etc. All of these factors can make sprinkler chassis aging. Chassis maintenance must first check the brakes, check whether there is any oil leakage on powertrain, transmission system, mainly has several major components (such as engine, gearbox, axle, etc.) if there is any oil leakage, etc. Sprinkler chassis cleaning, especially in rainy weather, muddy road, some roads chassis is the most close to the site, and the ground affected by road, the largest mud splashed a lot of cars chassis, it is difficult to clean, before long, will cause the chassis by erosion, oxidation and rust. So, after the rainy day job, sprinkler chassis should be clear in time, the simplest method is to use high pressure water jet chassis can be the original sediment rinse, it is best to keep lasting chassis with a layer of uniform antirust coating.
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Car maintenance maintenance standards "seven FenYang, three points", in the process of vehicle life-cycle use should be regularly check, regular maintenance, the problem is solved early discovery, early, in order to protect and repair, and even the life is not the purpose of overhaul.