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Teach you the correct conservation way of advertising vehicles LED display

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-18

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We all know that almost all electronic products can not be damp, moisture will affect the normal operation of the circuit system, LED billboards advertising big screen moisture problem has been how many users are concerned about. For such as LED advertising screen vehicle electronic products, once wet will affect the use of life! Today small for everyone to solve some doubts in this regard:
1, LED display blur
Fuzzy general performance of the display screen can be displayed on a sunny day, the rainy weather will be somewhat vague, fuzzy led display for two o'clock are generally caused by a system problem, there is the problem that is to say the reaction system monitor damp. So how do distinguish between the two problems, you can see the LED display is not the image shift there is no ghost, if the image is blurred other normal screen display, it can be concluded that moisture.
2, LED display damp
If some customers and friends in the rainy weather led display let careless use damp, do not worry, the easiest approach is to open out when the weather is fine dry in the sun, and then re-open the screen, the normal operation of a will All right. Of course, if I may wish to prepare a little desiccant on LED advertising board, led screen, thus avoiding moisture is very helpful.
Van LED advertising truck conservation
To get to extend the life of LED advertising vehicles in addition to pay attention to moisture to routine maintenance of course indispensable! There is to remind our customers and friends in the purchase of the car when the LED advertising screen and try to choose high-quality manufacturers, double protection, will extend the life of your car.