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Teach you stage car routine maintenance work

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-11

Mobile Stage Truck show pictures

Mobile Stage Truck show pictures

We want to ensure that the normal use of the car stage, in the daily work process must pay attention to vehicle maintenance and repair. So as to effectively guarantee the life stage vehicle to reach their desired effect of publicity. Many companies may not be familiar with the maintenance of the vehicle, do not know the specific workflow. Today, small series to tell you about some of the multi-purpose stage process car routine maintenance.

China Mobile Stage Truck show pictures

China Stage truck manufacturer

First, the stage patrol car, check the bulb and the shade of the damage, if found to have damaged shall immediately replace damaged parts.

Second, check the fixing of body ornaments, especially those inside the bracket, so as not to cause dangerous because of loose bracket occurs during vehicle use, the safety of personnel injuries, damage to the multi-purpose arena vehicles.

Third, check the tires for wear, see the individual tires without leakage phenomenon. At the same time we must pay attention to the situation of each pneumatic tire to see if there is no difference in size, in order to avoid making the multi-purpose arena deviation wheel car phenomenon occurs in the process of moving. For some nearing wear mark tires should be replaced, the replacement must also pay attention when the tire tread depth. At the same time, also need to pay attention to check the tires have no drum kits, abnormal wear, cracks and aging flawed and so on.

Fourth, multi-purpose arena car body thoroughly clean and wax polish. For some scratches and abrasions body shall promptly take corrective action to repair.

Fifth, a thorough cleaning car interiors, especially the trunk, some unwanted debris cleared out, so can well reduce fuel consumption, and in the daily advertising, but also can effectively avoid the debris on the multifunctional stage car interfere with normal use.

Sixth, clean water tank with water appearance, the appearance of the radiator and air conditioning exterior oil radiator. Cleaning of debris above, to ensure heat dissipation of each device.

Seven, on a regular basis to a professional service station chassis to a full range of maintenance, check there is no chassis leakage phenomenon, found traces of oil spills, the assembly should check the gear oil and appropriate supplement to All nozzle chassis full complement of fat job.
These are some of the routine maintenance work tips stage vehicle, for your reference!