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Teach you how to solve the problem of carbon deposition of sweeper truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-10

1.Do not drive in idling for a long time
  If idling driving for a long time, it would take a longer time for engine of sweeper truck to reach normal temperature and slow the evaporation of gasoline which is sprayed onto the back of valve of sweeper truck,for which  carbon deposition caused. Usually drving in idling, air flowing into engine of sweeper truck is also reduced,and in that way,the scouring action also becomes too weak,which promotes the deposition of carbon.
2.Pay attention to flameout occasion
  For sweeper truck equipped with turbocharger, after climbing or driving at high speed, do not immediately turn off the engine,but to turn off it for 10 minutes idling running.The carbon deposition forming speed of sweeper truck equipped with turbocharger is generally severl times faster than that of naturally aspirated type of sweeper truck.
It is suggested that sweeper truck users should do avoided demolition cleaning for air intake system once every 20,000-40,000 kilometers driving in condition of good routine maintenancein.That is to say,without disassembling engine,to use special equipments in sepcial ways to clean depositing carbon in places that are easy to form carbon deposition like inlet galleries,valves, oil galleries and so on.
3.Use clean gasoline
  Impurities in gasoline of sweeper truck is the main component of forming carbon deposition.So high cleanliness of gasoline is weakly to forming carbon deposition. But be ware of that high grade does not mean high quality and grade just represents its octane rating rather than the quality and cleanliness of gasoline. Some sweeper truck owners,in order to ensure the cleanliness of gasoline, would like to add gasoline detergent into gasolin. This mathod can effectively prevent metal surface of sweeper truck from forming carbon deposition layer and gradually activate the original soot particles and slowly remove it to protect engine of sweeper truck from demage.But be carefule while adding gasoline detergent.If shoddy products added,it would get the opposite effect.