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Teach you how to set up and use the refrigerator truck temperature controller

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-11-09

My company produces refrigerated trucks or drug refrigerated trucks in the cab will be installed in a controller, the controller looks inconspicuous, but plays a vital role Oh, why do you say, because the controller in charge of the container The temperature, the refrigerator depends on it to boot, shutdown, operation and settings, the controller's display is also readily apparent in the real-time temperature of the container, the following picture is installed in the refrigerator car cab controller .

Today, we will share with you the refrigerator car refrigerator settings and operating instructions, before loading, we must first set the temperature, the thermostat set at the required temperature, the pre-cooling car 1.5 hours to The discharge of heat retained in the trunk; loading the refrigeration unit will be closed, rapid loading. It is important to keep in mind that refrigerated units are used to keep the temperature of the cargo, not to reduce the temperature of the cargo. Many users of refrigerated trucks have a misconception that refrigerated car units on refrigerated trucks are free to freeze or heat the goods loaded into the compartment to the temperatures they require. Because the refrigerator car refrigeration unit is not to reduce the temperature of the goods, but to maintain the temperature of the goods, he was like we used to sell cold drinks with quilts, the goods wrapped up. When the outside of the cold (hot) source through the radiation, conduction, convection to the car body, the cold air blown by the refrigeration unit away, isolated heat into the cargo.

So customers must remember that friends in the loading, the car must be pre-cooling or preheating. The refrigeration unit must be switched off at the time of loading (unloading). Many people in the loading and unloading of goods are not closed refrigeration unit, in fact, this is a very wrong operation. This is because when the compartment is pre-cooled, if you do not shut down, open the compartment door, because the refrigerated truck refrigerator unit evaporator fan is working, the fan positive pressure, and the back is negative, so the air from the upper If the fan is in a stop state, the air flow stops, the inside and outside air pressure is the same, thus making the external heat, so that the temperature inside the car quickly rise; if the loading and unloading of the cargo after shutting down, Air transmission into the compartment of the relatively slow pace, we must remember, remember!