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Tanker trucks need to be cautious, eleven security operation to keep in mind

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-21

China uses military Fuel tank truck Dongfeng chassis

Fuel tank truck manufacturer

In order to facilitate the work, construction sites, gas stations are equipped with a tanker. Has been called the tanker fuel trucks, mobile fuel trucks, fuel can be moved only to achieve a gas station to drive to the head. Tanker and hazardous goods transport vehicles, jar filled with oil is flammable and explosive liquids. Therefore, the use of tankers, we have to be especially careful careful, do every step carefully.

When the tanker work eleven safe operation:

1, the tanker should be equipped with special fire extinguishers, should be installed and mop chains and electrostatic grounding strap. When traveling, mopping the floor chains should contact the ground; when refueling or drain must be avoided poles stuck into the damp ground.

2, tank filling hole should be sealed tight, oil drain valves, discharge pipe should be no leakage, tanks courage hole should be smooth, the oil pump into the oil filter should be cleaned regularly, sending oil hose after use should be immediately installed on both ends of the connector cover, dirt can not enter.

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3, the gasifier and the engine exhaust pipe must not temper. Exhaust pipe should be installed in front of the vehicle.

4, tankers staff not wear shoes have nails. Smoking is prohibited in the vicinity of the tank, and the fire is strictly prohibited.

5, when parked, away from fire source, hot season should choose a cool place to park. Thunderstorm can not be parked in the trees or under power lines. Driving in the middle when parked, there should be special care.

6, in the repair process, such as when the operator needs to enter the tank, prohibited to carry kindling, and must have a reliable security measures, there must be someone guardianship outside the tank.

7, all electrical devices on board, must be insulated well, non spark generating. Vehicle safety lamp task lighting should be less than 36V.

8, tank sedimentation tank freeze, non-roasted, available hot water, steam melts, or drove into greenhouses thawed.

9, the chassis of the tanker maintenance, overhaul, must take note that the car stalled, handbrake tension and automobile wheel in place. Launch the car in the state is apt to cause a fire.

10, after the tanker maintenance test needs qualified, qualified personnel should be driving, the car can not be manned loading. When the required test on the road, should be linked to the traffic management department issued a trade license.

11, if required in an emergency stop on the ramp, parked uphill should hang in a file and use the triangular wedge plugged tire to prevent the decline, downhill parking should be hung in reverse, the same triangular wedge plugged tire .